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The Declaration of Independence was NOT created in a day or two.  The Constitution of the United States was MOST DEFINITELY NOT put together in a day or two.  Both of these documents took a very long time to draft and to come to final acceptance.  These documents were created by individuals who were very much trusted and chosen to participate by the people of the new land known as America.

Political parties, especially the two primary parties however were NOT drawn up with the inclusion and input of the citizens of this nation.  They were put together by politicians who decided what they wanted to include into the party platforms and then presented their parties to the citizens with the fanfare necessary to get people to vote for them.  The Republican Party came from segments of the old Whig Party that in itself was started only a few years prior.  They established themselves as the anti slavery party.  The Democratic Party was formed from former factions of the Democratic-Republican Party which was splitting apart over the subject of slavery, leading the pro slavery groups to become the Democrat Party and the anti slavery members joined with the new Republican Party.  These two parties grew to be the dominant and for the most part accepted as the only political parties in this nation and have remained so since the civil war.  Many Republicans and almost ALL Democrats have never even looked at their party’s political platform.

The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were put together by people who were trusted to have the best interests in the American people in mind.  No such people exist in the political realm of America today.

This site is dedicated to changing all of that.  This site is for the actual citizens of this nation who feel there is no more accountability in politics to establish what they wish to see as a political platform.  All articles contained herein are originated, discussed, voted upon and finalized by the citizens of America free from the intervention of career politicians and special interests.

Expect arguments.  In fact legitimate arguments are encouraged because out of discord harmony will eventually emerge.

There is no charge for joining this site and no one will be allowed to ask for money for any cause.


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